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SeismiCat provides an on-line seismic risk assessment tool for building property owners, lenders, insurers and municipal analysts.

The SeismiCat single-site tool uses updated USGS ground motions (2014 and 2008) computed directly for the specific site class rather than scaled from soft rock (B/C) site condition. User can inspect the hazards for the site location, including fault maps (Alquist-Priolo fault rupture zones and USGS Quaternary faults), site geology and liquefaction susceptibility and tsunami inundation zones.

SeismiCat provides free ground shaking hazard lookup to assist in scoping PML studies.

SeismiCat offers ATC-13, CODA, and HAZUS damage models. Structural Engineers can over-ride the engineering parameters for building specific results. User can find the hazard for the site, model the building, run the risk assessment, inspect the results, then re-run or generate and download a report.

Results are saved to a secure, online database to build up a portfolio. Users can browse, re-load a building into the analytics, or retrieve reports. This high-quality data can also be used in portfolio seismic risk analysis, done by ImageCat off-line with the SeismiCat multi-site tool.

When an earthquake occurs, ImageCat obtains the ShakeMap from the U.S. Geological Survey and SeismiCat can then analyse the buildings in your portfolio to evaluate the potential for damage. Regional scenarios and historical earthquakes can also be evaluated for the damage they might produce.

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